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I'm passionate about helping you meet your feeding goals and prepared to help you overcome the unique challenges that come with breastfeeding. I've spent the last 9 years helping families just like yours. Whether your goal is to make more milk, make less milk, solve breast or nipple pain, or something else, I'd love to work with you. I believe in comprehensive, inclusive, and sustainable lactation care for all my patients. My nonjudgmental approach makes families feel secure and confident.

Your new lactation consultant

Hi there! I'm Brittany.

Sometimes breastfeeding products and supplies can't wait to be shipped through the mail. These items can be delivered to your home within 24 hours.


Hospital grade pumps are perfect for those who need to initiate, build or maintain their milk supply. Rentals are available by the week or month.


Instantly book an appointment for virtual or in-person services. Typically, I am available same or next day and have availability 7 days a week.


I am here to help families, just like yours, overcome feeding challenges and meet goals. My intention is that every family feel
confident and empowered
in their ability to feed their baby after our visit.

- Audrey S.

"Brittany is the main reason I’m still exclusively breastfeeding at 4 months and going strong. My baby had a tongue tie and we went through a lot of tears and pain in the first weeks... She helped me with the latch and calmly walking me through problem-solving. I cannot recommend her more highly! She is amazing and I’m so glad I found her!"

- Danielle B.

"Brittany is AMAZING! I had a sour taste in my mouth from a few other LCs I’d encountered so I was hesitant to even work with one again, but after I exclusively pumped for my son I wanted to really try to make breastfeeding work with my twin girls.
Wow. She gave me realistic, insightful advice and kept working with me to overcome latch issues. Because of her I’ve been able to tandem breastfeed my baby girls for 4 months now and going strong!!" 

- Stephanie F.

"Brittany is just the best! I had to wean my exclusively breastfed 6-month-old rather quickly due to my own medical emergency. Brittany was able to create a plan for introducing formula as well as a plan to wean. Within 3 days, baby was on bottles with formula for every daytime feed. I am beyond blown away with the level of care and treatment we received from Brittany. She made a very stressful experience totally manageable and even EASY! Thank you so much, Brittany!"

Did you know you can schedule your appointment online? I am usually available for same or next day virtual or in home visits!

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