Your visit may be billed through many major insurance providers including Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna and United Healthcare PPO Plans.

Did you know you most insurance companies provide lactation services free to you? 

I have an established partnership with the Lactation Network that allows us to bill some insurance policies for your visit with me. If you have any of the following insurance providers, the Lactation Network may be able to process the necessary paperwork and bill your eligible lactation consultation through your insurance. The Lactation Network is in-network with Anthem, BCBS, Cigna, and United Healthcare PPO plans. However, not all plans carry lactation coverage. So if you have one of these plans and would like to check your coverage, please fill out this form. When filling out the form, you must put my name in the lactation consultant who referred you section in order for me to access your benefits. You will hear back in about 90 minutes during business hours.

Check your coverage

How long after childbirth is a woman eligible for breastfeeding benefits?
Coverage of comprehensive lactation support and counseling and costs of renting or purchasing
breastfeeding equipment extends for the duration of breastfeeding. 

Does the ACA require coverage for the cost of purchasing breastfeeding supplies?
Yes. The law requires health insurance companies to cover the cost of renting breastfeeding supplies and the purchase of a pump.

What does the health care law say about lactation support?
Women’s Preventive Services allows for low or no cost coverage of up to six counseling sessions by a qualified lactation expert.

Why does my health insurance plan not provide breastfeeding coverage?
All insurance companies do not currently provide benefits consistent with the ACA’s requirements for Women’s Preventive Services. The ACA allows plans in existence before the law’s enactment (also known as “grandfathered plans”) remain largely unchanged.

Insurance FAQ

If you need help with your insurance, please let me know!

- Michelle R.

"She is knowledgeable and kind. She answered my questions and had thoughtful follow up questions to lead us to the appropriate plan-of-action. She helped calm my nerves and helped me feel confident moving forward in our breastfeeding journey. Her communication was open and she encouraged me to reach out to her if I had any further questions."

- Brittany D.

"Brittany was so amazing and wise. She helped me breastfeed my twins born at 35 weeks. She coached me through breastfeeding before my twins were even born. It was so nice meeting with my new peds and already having a feeding plan and feeding schedule in place that Brittany helped me set up. When I hit bumps along my breastfeeding or pumping journey Brittany was right there to guide me through. I highly recommend Brittany to any mother who is thinking about or has begun their breastfeeding journey."

- Danielle B.

"I didn’t think there was any way I’d be able to breastfeed my twins after struggling with latch issues with my son. Brittany simplified the whole process and personalized her approach for my specific needs and issues. I’m tandem feeding like a rockstar now!! I’m eternally grateful to her!"