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I understand how challenging it can be to feed a baby. As a brand new mom, breastfeeding was incredibly painful for me and I would not have made it through that first week without the intervention of a skilled lactation consultant. Now I seek to partner with parents to help them achieve their feeding goals. Since no two families are identical, I begin by understanding the challenges you are facing before creating a realistic, sustainable plan specifically designed for your family. My practice is anti-racist and inclusive. 

I'm Brittany

International board certified lactation consultant

I am passionate about newborns and infants and which has led me on a path to serving families in the DC metro area as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I have built my reputation and my business on valuing the goals of my patients while also empowering parents with confidence in their ability to feed their baby no matter the circumstances. It is my desire to provide the necessary tools, techniques, and information to allow parents to make informed decisions throughout their feeding journey wherever it may take them.   

No matter what your goal is, I want to provide you with the support you need to achieve it and much more. how can I help you today?

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A few of my favorite things

My family! An incredible source of joy and love; time with them is #1 fave.

Traveling around the world with my friends and family. I've been to over 20 countries and my kiddo has been to over 10!

Mom is my favorite title! Such an adventure. Here we are in St. James Park in London. 

Washington Nationals Baseball. What's better than a ballpark date night? Go Nats!

My first "baby," Andie. A mischievous Goldendoodle. I promise I don't mind your pets.