What In The World is Power Pumping and How Do I Do It?

While breastfeeding a baby, some moms make the decision to pump. They may decide to pump for many different reasons. Pumping may require you to work harder to make sure you keep your supply so doing your research and connecting with an IBCLC will help you make the best effort to be successful at pumping.

One thing that is usually stressful for pumping moms is how much milk they may or may not be producing. You most likely will not get the same output you would if the baby was directly feeding from the breast, so if you need a certain amount of ounces a day to feed the baby then trying to get to that amount can be the high-stress point of each pumping mom’s day.
You may think you need to pump bottles full each time you pump, but in reality, the normal output for pumping is around ½ oz. to 2 oz. total per pumping session, according to KellyMom.com. That low number may be stressful when your baby gets to the point of drinking more than that per feeding, so you may wonder what may be able to help you increase your supply.

One way to help is called power pumping. Power pumping helps trick your body to produce more milk and mimics what it is like when a baby is going through a cluster feeding period. This is just meant to be an addition to your normal pumping and not to replace the pumping you already normally do throughout the day. It is best to try and find an hour you can be uninterrupted. Morning is also best, if you are able because your milk output is usually higher in the mornings than at night.

During that hour you will use this pattern to pump:

Pump for 20 minutes
Rest for 10 minutes
Pump for 10 minutes
Rest for 10 minutes
Pump for 10 minutes

To see results, you usually need to do this for several days. Any other time you pump, try to do it the same type of schedule the baby eats to keep your body knowing when the supply is needed.

Once you feel your supply has increased and you feel more comfortable with your output then you can go back to how you normally pumped before and adding in power pumping again when you feel you need another boost.

Having an IBCLC on your side to help make sure everything is working like it should and helping provide the tips and tricks needed to have a successful pumping journey can make it a little easier on you. Everyone is different and nothing is one size fits all so contact me today if you would like some personalized help.

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